Yum-yum in your tum-tum is not our official motto, despite what the police say.

225 Spring Rain River Lake Road, Thomasville

if you like cakin' love at midnight, CAKEstart your morning with us


if you like cakin' love at midnight, CAKEstart your morning with us

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Our Team

Miss Mary CakeDonald


It's an Irish name. I bake cakes like it's my job! But I really run waterless swimming lessons in my basement. That's my actual job.

Reggie CakeDonald


How 'bout them apples? Oof. I meant cakes. Can you not put that in my bio? Ok, thanks. That was embarrassing. I thought cakes were apples. I'm glad you were the only one who heard that.

Dallas Trickster


It's an Irish name. Baker, businessman, cat lover, father, daughter, 2-time US President, little magic boy, and currently lost at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Duncan De La Court & Millicent De La Court


We are the managers of CakeDonald's. We do all the boring business stuff -- you know: taxes, financial documents, you name it -- as well as eating all of the crumbs off the floor.

Michaelangelo Dominia


I just walked in here accidentally wearing an apron, and now they won't let me leave and think I work here. That, and the door has been jammed for three years, and we can't get out, so we all just live here now.


Why do you bake cakes?

Do we ask you why you sue us for food poisoning? No. Don't ask us about our jobs, and we won't ask you about yours.

Can i buy a vowel?

No. We don't sell those here. Try "Cupcake Emporium."

can you write with icing in french?

Only after Old Miss CakeDonald has a few whiskeys!

Do you have any senior discounts?

No. Elderly people should have to pay for cakes like the rest of us.

When are you guys opening?

Probably in a few years. It's taken us a while to finish construction as well as the website, but

Can I ask another question?